Warehousing & Distribution

Doing what’s best for our customers

North American Freight's state of the art dedicated and multi-client warehouse solutions are designed to optimize each customer's specific requirements. Whether that be long term storage or pick and pack fast turnaround freight, we can customize an affordable solution.

North American Freight can align the labour, equipment and warehousing resources (including inventory management) that suit your needs, all while saving time and money. Why pay for space and resources you don’t need? Connect with one of our Warehousing & Distribution Specialists today to learn more!

Warehousing & Distribution Services

  • Robust Warehouse Management Software

  • Web Visibility

  • Multiple Large Warehouses In Major City Centres

  • Dedicated Receiving, Staging, Storage, and Quality Control Areas

  • Can Handle Heavy-Lift And Industrial-Sized Cargo

  • Customized E-Commerce Programs

  • Environmentally-Friendly Material Handling Equipment

  • High Turn Rate Programs - Thousands of Turns Per Day

  • Accurate Inventory Reporting

  • RF Scanning

  • Paperless Warehouse Transactions

  • Committed to Continuous Improvement Initiatives


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