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North American Freight Group works continuously to exceed client expectations. In the complex world of logistics, we strive to provide customers with reliable, customized global solutions that fit their individual needs. We achieve this by offering competitive rates, convenience and peace of mind through every step of the process, while also delivering the best possible customer service experience: treating all our customers the way you would want to be treated. — UPDATE - British Columbia Surcharge to apply temporarily — November 24, 2021 – As most are aware over one (1) week ago the province of British Columbia suffered extraordinary rainfall causing wide scale flooding, significant road and bridge damage making them impassable. Our service partners have implemented re-routing surcharge around the affected area’s to reopen the supply-chain in and out of British Columbia. Please note that NAF is adding cost recovery surcharges for LTL shipments in and out of Vancouver, Victoria, and Nanaimo as a straight-passthrough cost, effective November 17, 2021. Until the highways are repaired and we can go back to our normal route, we will be adding a temporary Re-route Accessorial charge to all shipments destined for these areas. Expect delays and service guarantee suspension for shipments to and from BC for all LTL shipments. Additional updates will be posted as they become available. Thank you for your understanding as we navigate the unprecedented challenges caused by extreme flooding and landslides in BC.


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North American Freight Forwarding provides a wide variety of solutions for today's changing transportation world. Our service and communication are our strength and our clients are a priority. With decades of experience and the commitment to technology, our efforts to fulfil the needs of our clients drive us to continually reach new heights. All of our services are customized to each of our client's needs and requirements. We fit our service to the customer and not our customer to the service.